Oracle Announces CX @ OpenWorld at Oracle San Francisco 2013

With key technological trends, such as, furniture, large social data and cloud transform how organizations interact with their customers, it is more important than ever for managers to understand how to apply the customer experience and CRM best practices. To help executives stay up to date with the latest trends and become leaders in their field, will CX @ Oracle OpenWorld Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2013. Through a combination of technology and strategy sessions, mini-presentations, workshops, demonstrations and interactive journey mapping, CX @ OpenWorld help organizations in their efforts to provide the customer experience.

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News Facts

  • To help its customers to become a leader in customer experience, CX @ OpenWorld Oracle announced to be held in San Francisco, September 23 – 26, 2013 during the Oracle OpenWorld 2013.
  • Bringing together leading brands and experts to address the challenges that organizations face with your customer experience program, CX @ OpenWorld include informative lectures, group seminars, demonstrations and networking opportunities.
  • With over 140 sessions across the CX strategy and design, marketing, sale, trade, services, industry and social signals, CX @ OpenWorld equips organizations with a combination of strategy and technology to deliver the business results they want, with the ‘experience that customers want.
  • Oracle executives and strategic partners of Oracle presented complete cloud portfolio and on-premise applications that offers the most comprehensive customer experience in the industry, allowing companies to differentiate into all channels and interactions.
  • In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Oracle CX vision of Oracle and how it is addressing the major trends in the management of the customer experience, including mobile, social and big data cloud.
  • Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities CX @ OpenWorld are available on the event website:
  • Registration for Oracle OpenWorld is now open.

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Supporting Quote

  • “CX @ OpenWorld help leaders from all sectors of the industry to implement best practices and take advantage of the latest technologies in its facilities and in the cloud to create the best customer experience,” said Ken Fox, Senior Vice President Product Development, Oracle. “With a combination of interactive workshops, the main information, demonstrations and networking opportunities, participants will have the opportunity to learn how they can take advantage of trends such as big data and the cloud to develop and execute successful strategies from experience customer’s mobile society “.

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