Which Oracle Certifications Are Right for You?

Oracle Certification Program could entertain a new slogan: “Not only for the databases more positive things.” The company offers certification for different tasks, due to the wide range of business, software development tools implementation. Based on the concept of the technology of relational databases, Oracle will position itself as the “world’s largest enterprise software in the world.” Now offers a data warehouse design and application servers, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), from the recent merger with Oracle People-soft.For for professionals who work with Oracle products, multifaceted technology company wide results on a range of certifications for database administrators, software developers, analysts, and other webmasters.

Oracle Primary Certifications

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): The employee is responsible for IT professionals begin developed with Oracle. Normal OCA and have acquired the knowledge bases for their work, as administrator of Web, database administrators and developers. Oracle believes that the OCA credential as a suitable starting point for techies at the beginning of his career. When obtaining OCA certification, can have more opportunities for entry-level jobs, says Oracle OCA leader candidates. “It is the starting point for a successful career as a professional Oracle Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) start. ACO usually have reached a certain level of experience and success in his career Thus, developers can test your knowledge by a management major Oracle database or application development within the company have done. employee. certificate is seen as a way to move to higher positions.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM): The OCM credential can be summarized in one word: Guru. OCMS, or database professionals and developers, are crucial members of IT departments that manage business-critical projects and assignments. The OCM credential gets raised the bar for certification of their hands-on tests, according to an article in Oracle Magazine, a business publication. The WTO is the response of Oracle University and the needs of the industry to test their ability to function in the real world, effective candidates live application environment and is a test of knowledge and experience, the article said.

Credentials for Specific Oracle Products and Releases

Oracle certifications are usually related to specific products and versions. The decision on the certification path you choose depends largely on what the Oracle technology will work with either Oracle Database 10g, Oracle9i Forms Developer, Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle9i Database, Oracle Forms 6i and Oracle9i Application Developer server. Oracle production guide offers advice on the steps to be certified by Oracle.

Oracle Certification Resources

These resources and information are useful for engineers who are interested in Oracle certification:Oracle University offers instructor-led training, self-training. Self Test Software provides practice tests approved by Oracle. The tests are designed to pursue this certification target areas where they need to help increase knowledge and practice. Oracle Magazine includes regular items for professionals community Certification Oracle database issues.is online distribution center for Oracle products. Aggregates Oracle blogs. Oracle FAQ for Oracle and includes links, books, forums and other resources. Oracle Headline News provides the latest information on the Oracle world. Journal database contains a special section of the Oracle.

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