To run the OUI for the first time in the machine lóguese server as an operating system user with read CD or DVD (or the directory in which a copy has been established) and to write in the selected directory to the ORACLE_BASE . Then start the OUI.
Setup.exe (Windows) (Linux).
To avoid prerequisite checking (not recommended, but may be useful) add a switch:
You can perform a silent installation, this will be necessary if no graphic device, and is very convenient if you are developing many identical installations on identical machines. In addition, this makes it possible to integrate Oracle installation within the routine of installing a complete application. A silent installation requires an answer file that includes all the answers to all the questions that otherwise would occur. The syntax to run the OUI in this way is:
runInstaller-silent-responsefile responsefilename
The response file can be created manually (there are examples in the / response on the installation DVD). Or this can be recorded by the OUI from an interactive installation.
runInstaller-record-destinationFile responsefilename
Before performing a silent installation. The point of the inventory file (/ etc / oracInst.loc in Linux) should have been created. (Or create if necessary) the inventory.
Be absolutely clear about that utility installs the software (OUI) and tools create a database (DBCA or do it from the SQL PLUS). But remember that you can call DBCA OUI. Remember the relationship between the ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME and databases. OFA The idea is that a lot can contain ORACLE_BASE ORACLE_HOME. For different products and different versions of the same products. And each database ORACLE_HOME can support multiple databases.
The prerequisites to cover in hardware requirements and operating system version and configuration. These can be circumvented, but if so. There is no guarantee that this will work.
In this exercise, you will install Oracle Home on Linux using the OUI. The equivalent exercise for Windows is in the lab end of chapter question.
1. Lóguese in Linux as a user who is a member of the dba group. in the following example. The user is db11g. confirm the username and group id command. As shown in this illustration.
Oracle Certification Exam
Three. Switch to your root user and create an OFA-compliant directory to ORACLE_BASE with MKDIR command. In the example, this is / u02/app/db11g. Changing ownership and mode of the directory so that the Oracle user has complete control this with chown and chmod commands, as shown in the illustration, and leave the user oracle.
April. If you are not working on the console. Set your DISPLAY variable on the machine you’re working on. Shown in the illustration.
May. Then launch the OUI runInstaller running the Shell script from the root of the installation DVD. In this example the DVD was copied to the / home/db11g/db11g_dvd.
June. OUI The first window that appears. As in the illustration below:
a. Select the basic installation of the radio button.
b. Specify the ORACLE_BASE Directory as the directory created in step n.2. The default ORACLE_HOME that supports beneath ORACLE_BASE OFA.
c. Select the installation type as Enterprise Edition.
d. Select dba as Unix DBA group.
e. Remove the selection to create a database.
f. Click Next.
Oracle Dumps
July. If this is the first installation of Oracle on the machine. The next window prompts for OUI inventory location. Be sure to specify a directory in which the Oracle user write permission antenna.
August. The OUI prerequisite check will then make. If they pass. Click Next to continue. If there is failure, note and correct if possible. Then use the Retry button to rerun the test. If the check can not pass, you can click to proceed. In your own risk.
9. The following window will be a summary of what the OUI will do. Click Next, and you will. This should take about 20 minutes or so. (Variable, depending on the machine).
10.   Towards the end of the installation, the following window will be displayed. This prompted run two script with root: The script that will write the file / etc / oraInst.loc, and that script sets file permissions on the new ORACLE_HOME. If this is not the first time the OUI runs in the window. There will be promt to Execute the scripts as root at the prompt of the operating system. And then click OK. There will not be a prompt for Run the script (s) as root from an operating system prompt (accept defaults for any prompts) and then click OK.
Oracle Guide
11. The installer returns a message indicating that “The installation of Oracle Database 11g was successful” Click on Exit.
Many Oracle products are installed with the OUI, the Oracle Universal Installer. The OUI checks the system to ensure it meets the requirements, and then instantiates the Oracle Home. OUI can invoke the DBCA, Database configuration Assitant to create a database. Alternatively, a database may be created later DBCA either. Or with one of the two tools to issue SQL command: SQL-Plus or SQL Developer. SQL Developer is provided with the database but usually installed separately.
There are a number of tools installed by OUI in the ORACLE HOME to interact with a database. These include tools for Network Management, Backup. And Enterprise Manager Database Control.
Identify administration tools of Oracle Database.
o Installation: The OUI.
o Creating and updating databases: DBCA, DBUA.
or to issue SQL commands: SQL PLUS, SQL DEVELOPER.
or Backup: RMAN, Oracle Secure Backup.
or Network Management: Oracle Net Manager, Oracle Net Configuration Assistant.
Plan Installing an Oracle Database.
· Hardware requirements.
or Disk Space.
or main memory.
or swap space.
or TMP space.
o A Graphic Terminal.
· Operating System Requirements.
or Certified Version.
Needed Breaks.
or Kernel Configuration.
· OFA. An appropriate directory for the Oracle Database.
Installing Oracle Software Using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).
o Use a proper operating system account.
o Set Required Environment Variables.
o Access to the root account.
o Make an interactive installation or silent.
Identifying Tools for Administering an Oracle Database.
1.      Which of these tools is not usually installed with the Oracle Universal Installer? (Select the best).
A. Oracle Universal Installer itself.
D. Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
C. SQL DEVELOPER is not installed with the OUI, this is delivered as a ZIP file will need to decompress.
A, B and D. All of these products (even the OUI) are installed with the OUI.
Two.      What tool can be used to create a database? (Select all the correct).
A. Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).
B. Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA).
C. SQL Plus.
D. Oracle Universal Installer.
E. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control.
A, C and D. DBCA is intended to create databases, but these can also be created from the SQL Plus or OUI instructions to create a database after installing Oracle Home.
B. It is wrong that the only DBUA can upgrade existing databases. E. It is wrong because the Database Control is available only after you create the database.
Three.      Oracle provides the capability to copy (backup) the entire environment, not just the database. What tools I can use for this.
A. Recovery Manager.
B. Oracle Secure Backup.
C. User-Managed Backup carrying out operating system commands.
B. Oracle Secure Backup is one that provides this capability.
A and C. Both are wrong because they are limited to only backup of database files.
April.      Which statement best describes the relationship between ORACLE_BASE and Oracle_Home. (Select the best).
A. The Oracle Database Oracle Home exists within.
B. The Base Oracle Oracle Homes may contain different products.
C. An Oracle Database is required for each product, but product versions can exist in its own Oracle Homes in your Oracle Database.
D. The Oracle Database is created when you run the script and contains a point for the Oracle Home.
Oracle Database B. The directory contains all Oracle Homes, which may be any version of any product.
A. is wrong because this is the relationship but reversed. C is wrong because it is not required to separate the base of each product. D. is wrong because it confuses the oraInst.loc file and the OUI with the OFA.
May.      That means the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)?.
A.     A directory structure.
B. Distributed Systems Databases.
C. A multitasking processing architecture.
D. OFA covers all the above.
A.     The OFA is nothing more than a naming convection directory structures.
B.     B, C and D. These are wrong because they go far beyond OFA.
Installing Oracle Software Using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).
June.      It will be necessary environment variables set in Linux before running the Oracle Universal Installer?
A set DISPLAY, the OUI will not be able to open all the windows.
A, B and C. These are incorrect because these can be set before or OUI own request values ​​for them.
July.      If the OUI detects that the prerequisites are not, you can do?
A. Cancel the installation, fix the problem and launch the OUI again.
B. A silent installation errors occur, a facility that will continue.
C. Instruct the OUI to continue (At your own risk).
D. The options will depend on how far in the installation the OUI is when a problem exists.
C may not be advisable, but if you can.
A is wrong but it may be a good idea, not something you have to do. B is wrong because the interactive installation will stop, D is wrong because all prerequisites are checked simultaneously.
August.      What kind of devices can install the OUI Oracle Home?
A. Regular File System.
B. Clustered File System.
C. RAW Devices.
D. ASM Disk Group.
A and B The Oracle Home must be on file systems. But it can be local or clustered.
C and D. Raw Devices and Devices ASM can be used for databases, but not for the Oracle Home.
9.      What command line can be used to bypass the OUI installation stops when the prerequisites fail.
A. -Silent
B. -Record
C. -Responsefile
D-Ignoresysprereqs switch ignores the evidence.
A is wrong because this generation of windows deleted, not the prerequisite test. B is wrong because this is a switch to generate a response file. C is wrong because this is to read a response file.
10.   When OUI inventory is created?.
A. Each time a new Oracle Home is created.
B. Each time a new Oracle Database is created.
C. Before the first run of the OUI.
D. During the first run of the OUI.
D If the OUI inventory is not, this will create one.
A and B are wrong because an inventory stores details of all directories Oracle Home and Oracle Database. C is wrong because it is not possible to create an inventory before running the OUI.
Use the Oracle Universal Installer to instantiate an Oracle Home on a Windows machine. Select make an advanced installation, not a basic installation, and select Custom (Custom). This will display all possibilities. Do not choose to create a database. Where a list of all possible products to install, leave the default selection. This is a facility for learning. This is legal, but only producing products that have its license.
1. Launch the OUI by running setup.exe in the installation DVD. In the first window, select the radio button for Advanced Installation and click Next:
Two. Select the installation type dialog box, select the Custom Installation radio button and click Next. this will take all possible options.
Three. In the dialog installation location, select directories and Oracle Database Oracle home (following the OFA Standard) and a name for the new Oracle Home.
April. The prerequisites dialog box should report check for problems. If there is, try to solve them and click Next.
May. The dialog displays all products available in the DVD products. But by default. But by default several licensed products are independent will be selected, as advanced security and partitioning. None of these is free. You must select all options that you have paid.
June. In the dialog box Create Database. Select the radio button to install only the database software.
July. In the Summary dialog box displays the products to be installed. Give click Install to proceed with the installation. This should take about fifteen minutes, depending on your system.
August. When installation is complete, quit the installer.

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