About Oracle OCA and OCP Certifications

Oracle Certified Associate certification then Oracle Certified Professional certification, both in Oracle Database 10g. Since then there have been people asking me about the procedure I followed and also study material I used to prepare for these exams, and so far I decided to write about it.

First, the multiple-choice exams are difficult enough to not let it happen to anyone who can pay the exam fee (which incidentally I consider low), and not being a native English speaker adds much more complexity to the exams. If you have experience managing.

Oracle Certification

Oracle databases and have a good and fresh knowledge of concepts of Oracle databases have a good chance of passing the exam, in this type of testing is very important to have a solid understanding of concepts since all responses are equal and the small differences are key to choose the correct answer, not to mention the limited time to complete the exam answer. By the way, I stressed to have good English skills?

On the other hand, if you have a low budget you will find that a thorough study of the official documentation (and free) Oracle could be enough to pass these exams, and even the Express Edition (free) is sufficient to practice on your own computer. But if you have some money, I strongly recommend buying the self test practice exams Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I , Oracle Database 10g: Administration I and Oracle Database 10g: Administration II , the price of this software is close to the price of each certification exam but could save you frustration and time, not to mention money, so you decide to prepare for these exams only free documentation (or expensive courses) or pay the extra money to play with this software tests. If you buy the software make sure you get at least 90% rating a few times and have a good chance of passing the actual tests.

But if you’re a cheapskate like me might prefer to study the official Oracle documentation. To be honest, at this point I do not remember exactly what I had to study for each certification exam, but if you are willing to simply OCP certification study guides all these and you’ll be fine.

To test for SQL (Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051):


Oracle Database 2 Day DBA
Oracle Database Express Edition 2 Day Developer Guide

For certification OCA (Oracle Database 10g: Administration I 1Z0-042):

Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide (Chapters 1 to 20)
Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Basics

For certification OCP (Oracle Database 10g: Administration II 1Z0-043):

Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide (Chapters 21 to 28)
Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Advanced User’s Guide

The problem of studying the Oracle documentation is not intended to be a self-study guide, so you have to think about exercises to practice what you read, just reading this documentation without practice or have experience will not be enough to pass the exams.

But in my personal experience I think these guides are so well written that if you learn you will have no need to buy (or read) other books, in fact I cannot recommend books because I did not read anything except Oracle guides to prepare for the certification exams.

Another problem is that these guides are good to prepare for OCA and OCP exams, but for the SQL Fundamentals exam could not find a Oracle guide covering everything actually came very close to failing the exam but selftest software saved me. On the other hand, the OCA exam I found it hard but it was much less difficult than examining SQL, and OCP exam was the easiest of all to me. Therefore, if you are a database administrator but a better developer conscientiously studies SQL statements and functions.


Now let’s talk about the certification path and prerequisites. If your goal is OCP or OCA certifications you must first pass one of the exams SQL, most probably to Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I . You do OCA or OCP exams first but you will not get any certification unless you complete all prerequisites of certification therefore attempts to pass the exam first SQL.

If you pass the exam you can take the test SQL Oracle Database 10g: Administration I , and if you pass, you will have the OCA certification. Easy, right?

But this is just the beginning, the goal should be OCP certification but there are two prerequisites not so easy to cover: take an approved course and complete the course delivery format . The difficult part of taking an approved course just pay for it, and if your diploma of course have a serial number of the course and recently took that course have no problem filling the course delivery format.

As I write this, sending the format and scheduling of examinations should be made at the Pearson Vue site , and unfortunately I can not remember what I did exactly but you could get help when contacting an assessment center.

Finally, if you turned all the prerequisites and did you pass the exam Oracle Database 10g: Administration II , you will become an Oracle Certified Professional and get a nice plastic card just in case you want to brag about it.

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