Hadoop Helps Solve Oracle Customers’ Big Data Problems

Clients of Oracle facing a huge data trouble & Hadoop are the answer unwilling as Oracle is to admit it. Speaking at the Oracle manufactured goods & strategy update in London few days before, Oracle president Mark Hurd announced that the company’s clients are rising their data up to 40% a year, putting wonderful force on IT budgets.

Growth of 40% data with clients who use $10,000 a terabyte to house the data; most of our clients expend 10 of their IT budgets on storage & if you take those three numbers & put them jointly you are going to raise your IT budgets 3-5% just housing the data,” said Hurd.

Oracle recommends a range of products to help clients get smaller their data, such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud & Oracle Exalytics, said Hurd.

If you have got a terabyte of data, we in a lot of cases can reduce in size it 10x turn a terabyte into 100GB – & work on ways they can combine storage, servers, databases, shrink their footprints, obtain their sustainability levels up, while at the same time innovating.”

However, when it comes to commerce with real Big Data troubles, Oracle still relies on Hadoop, the open-source software structure licensed under the Apache v2 license.

Back in January 2012, Oracle said a joint agreement with Cloudera – a distributor of Hadoop-based software & services for the enterprise to give an Apache Hadoop distribution & tools for Oracle Big Data Appliance.

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